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I’m not convinced!

I’m in the progress of migrating the Building Better B2B content from my old site at toolan.de.

The amazing thing is that the content is still so relevant after almost 15 years!

There has been substantial take-up in (industrial) B2B in that time. We’ve seen major changes in the way web sites and eCommerce platforms are built.

But I’m not convinced that we understand what exactly our customers are up to.

I’m not convinced that we’re able to ‘follow the money’ not that we understand how much (or better: how little) we need to do to close the online deal.

And most certainly, I’m not convinced that we are able to justify the investment (planned or actual) in eCommerce and eBusiness nor that we understand how the return on that investment is generated.

Join me and see if you’re convinced! I’ll think you’ll agree that we still have a way to go to build better B2B!

Colm Toolan


Irish national, trained problem solver with the architect’s combination of problem definition skills, creativity and attention to detail. Extensive eBusiness and business experience in a wide variety of roles, in different geographic and business cultures, at multiple levels to CEO.

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