The Brand Awareness Cycle

What do these customers do when they visit our metaphorical football stadium? How do they get there? What keeps their interest? What’s happens when they lose interest?

Obviously, the exact answers depend on the quality of the game – or many even the sport that’s being played. But generically, everyone goes on a journey through multiple stages of increased awareness, before they decide to do business with us – or not, as the case may be! 

People start off unaware that you exist

If you’re lucky – and have the appropriate budget – you can at least make them aware of your company and of your products and services.

Hey, now you’ve got them “in orbit”

Making people aware of your company is the first step.


Proper information helps to convince them

Telling your customers what you do – and why you do it the way that you do – is an obvious prerequisite to convincing them that they should do business with you.

Informing your prospects and customers properly, is a prerequisite to getting them convinced.


Keep them convinced!

We all know that it’s cheaper and more effective to keep existing customers happy than it is to find and nurture new ones. All our efforts must be concentrated on keeping the customers convinced of the quality of our offerings.

All of your efforts should be concentrated on keeping the customer convinced that you're the right person to be doing business with.

“Houston, we have a problem!”

If every aspect of our business is not geared to keeping the customer 100% convinced that we’re the “best deal in town”, she may exit our orbit and succumb to the competitor’s gravitational field. The associated and direct loss of revenue is one concern, but the effects of negative Word of Mouth should also not be overlooked.

But if you get it wrong, the customer is no longer convinced and disappears out of your orbit!

People lose interest and forget

Customers generally have a short span of attention. If a product or service does not fill a pressing or recurring demand, it’s quite possible that they’ll simply forget about it, over time. If we’re lucky some awareness may remain, so that we’re still the supplier of choice the next time the need arises. In the worst case, these customers exit our orbit as unaware and we have to start over again.

Click for a larger image of The Brand Awareness Cycle

The Brand Awareness Cycle is so important to a proper understanding of “building better B2B” that I’ve included a larger version of the full cycle – just click on the image above.