Visualise Customers

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is certainly true when talking to management about eBusiness numbers.

Consider this picture, which is the way most people talk about website performance and then get 3 or 4 people in your organisation to discuss the performance.

Web Statistics graphs are boring and open to misinterpretation

I’ll bet that within about five minutes, people will be talking at cross-purposes about visits, visitors, unique visitors and who’s counting what. Is it any wonder that management’s eyes glaze over when the web gurus start to talk numbers?

My experience is that if you want to get people excited, then you need to paint a picture that people can identify with – maybe something like this

Real people shout and roar and fill football stadiums

Once you’ve painted a picture, you can play with it anyway you want to get your message across.

We fill the stadium this often!

We fill the Big House 10 1/2 time a year!

This is what these people are about!

This is what these people are about!

This is what it’s costing us, because we don’t look after them very well!

This is what it's costing us, because we don't look after them very well!

P.S. If football is not your sport, you can create the same effect with any recognizable picture of large amounts of people.